Susanne Hopmann

The Observer

11.07. – 22.07.18

Schimmel Projects – Art Centre Dresden gladly presents the new solo show by Susanne Hopmann (*1984). Born in Trier the artist studied at Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design in Halle. After staying abroad in the USA and Turkey, she graduated in 2013. Already known as part of the duo Hopmann & Lisek, her work is located between object, action and installation. She lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

The title promises visitors to witness Susanne Hopmann's sculptural action from a safe zone. But he is warmly invited to enter this sensual and multimedial area with curiosity. Shoes off, ring free, et vivi et video. Hopmanns research on human behavoir is moving from surface to flesh and bones. Vividly and powerfully she is scanning animalistic traits of the human existence and shows an archaic interplay of power, dynamics and skills. A diversity of material in an assemblage-like use emphasizes the ambivalence of life. Conflicting opposites and overpowering symbolize the challenge of a social beeing between individuality and adaptation. The visitor is integrated into the concept of the exhibition and finds himself as a watching observer on the blue-red playground of fragmented reality and hyper-staging. Hopmann opens a bestiary of ritual process art, where man's own struggle with his earthly existence is shown as a daily ars vivendi being repetitive and seemingly never ending.

The exhibition was realized in collaboration with IPET / Klinik und Poliklinik für Nuklearmedizin, Leipzig.