Amba Sayal-Bennett, Anna Hillbom, Emma Papworth

Some Places Exist Only Once

13.09. – 23.09.18

The serendipitous meeting between Emma and Anna in a dark smoky bar, became the starting point of an intriguing artistic exchange and friendship. After exhibiting together in Berlin, the two invited Amba, whom Emma had previously studied and exhibited with, to take part in the ongoing collaboration.

The works of the exhibition, Some places exist only once, act in a collaborative dialogue where the agency of each artists work at times is blurred, at times is visible. As an attempt to question the relation of object and agency in the gallery space as well as in a broader context of history writing. Gestures from ancient art, classical architecture, modern cityscape and archaeological founds and poetic writing are canalized and obscured in order to question ideas of body, agency, canonic history-writing and a linear sense of time.
The idea for the exhibition series was born from the three artists fascination for each others work, as well as a mutual interest in exploring intrinsic qualities of material and shape, in order to bring out a possible mystic and a personal definition of logics.

It’s the second exhibition in a series of three from the three artists; the first exhibition took place in May 2018 at Lewisham Arthouse London under the title, When you travel in time, leave nothing behind, and the third will occur in March 2019 at Galleri 21 in Malmö. For each show new works are being produced, with the aim to create a curious process where the pieces will be altered and developed in relation to each other.