Zuza Golińska


26.04. – 06.05.18

EXCERPT from the text written for SLIMY performance:

“The story is – I’m out, which happens rarely these days since I’m struggling with talking to people that don’t care about me. Anyway, I’m there in front of the bar thinking that I feel great but in fact knowing I’m feeling SO-SO and this dude comes up to me, we spoke before, and he is doing something with art, curating or something. He’s like, “Yo, dude, what’s up? Do you want to perform your sadness for me?”, I’m like “Yeah? I guess, sure, why not.”, “Send me your stuff by tomorrow then”. I know myself so chances I will do it tomorrow are small. But I started to think about this “sad girl thing” and since I’ve been recently sad and I’m a girl and this is so celebrated in Poland, with like 2 years delay but still, is it making me a “sad girl”? How about a sad person? And what if I’m a sad boy. Anyway, I thought I will do it in the morning. I never pushed myself enough to actually decide what would it mean to perform my sadness so I never wrote back. Later on, still in 2017, I made a written promise that I will write a book. It is obviously a bit of a lie since last time I had to write a normal amount of text was about 8 years ago while studying at the university. But I thought I cannot be a complete cheater, it’s not really my style. I am quite content about the fact that usually I’m doing the shit I say I will do. So, I thought I will write some text instead. I don’t know if you guys have many musician friends but they tend to be writers as well and often they try to write personal stuff. In art you have this kind of an old school vibe that emotional work tends to be ALL CONFESSIONAL in the cheesy way. Art-therapy vibe and so on. Either this or exhibitionist chills on Instagram out of which few of them are any good or will matter longer then couple of days. (…)”

“(…) So let’s say the second part of this talk will be about the reasons. Since most of my friends are doing art one way or another it will be much connected to art world frustration. It will be about all the REASONS for which being part of the art world might be a drag. Hope we won’t get too much of an insider vibes. The research field is Warsaw cause that’s were I live.”

Text by Zuza Golińska, 2018.