Karoline Dausien, Zsófia Keresztes, Jonathan Penca, Ivan Pérard

La Revedere

04.04. – 21.04.19

Vernissage: April, 4th, 2019

*The core is alive with the sound of fusion.
We’ve been stuck in the dirt for 2 million years.
The earth fills our guts with the stench of scorched pollution.
It’s going to be nice to sleep and wake up there.

Our hearts want to play, like the ion thrusters of the superlifters, that rise from acid lake to void.
Our bodies want to unplug like the sting of a wasp into matter, and become mechanoid.
To laugh with the stars in tranquility, not walking around bourdons of lead.
To scream through the gap, smash the glass, and leave this place quiet.

We go to space, it’s been so fucking lonely.
We know you will adapt, come and evolve from the spores.
It’s here, left for you, to heal our trashed purity.
Through you we’ll sing once more.*

Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden are delighted to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “La Revedere” by Karoline Dausien (DE), Zsófia Keresztes (HU), Jonathan Penca (DE) & Ivan Pérard (DK). The exhibitions aims to narrate a fictional departure from planet earth. A last “Goodbye” before we travel into space. The question is, if we left peacefully, before the whole thing burns down, what would we leave behind as our echo?

The exhibition is organised by Ivan Pérard in cooperation with Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden, and will present the four artists for the first time together in a show.