Ruti de Vries

Folded Fold of a Handing Hand

01.11. – 18.11.18

We were standing in front of each other, horizontal, vertical, we had the signs to tell us the directions we were looking for. You had your arm on my hand, and mine the opposite. A handing hand of a folded fold. You folded in four, i did the same.
Our eyes went separately far from each other, navigating the direction of the game. What is up for you is down for me, my left is your right.
The day has unfolded, Your heart dropped, mine rose, we had signs around us, framed, identified. Your curved part is my concaving pocket. Full, jokering, you reflected the idea that a new deal would give our struggles another chance to succeed. The exposed hands doubled, aroused from the center of us, we didn’t lurch, we stayed, one next to the other, facing up.
We are together in this, holding each other through the core of our shape. One hand, two
times, two hands, four times, we played.

- Cards discussion

Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden is proud to present the first exhibition of our second season: a solo show by the Israeli artist Ruti de Vries, ‘Folded Fold of a Handing Hand’. Ruti de Vries took her MFA Master of Fine Arts in 2015 from Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem and is currently taking part in the residency program of Cite Internationale des- arts in Paris.

In ‘Folded Fold of a Handing Hand’ Ruti de Vries displays a site specific installation, combining sculptures and two dimensional pieces. Working with textiles, paper and found objects, Ruti de Vries is interested in the analogies, between materials and between words. There is a constant move between flat and full, and between two dimensions and three dimensions. The well known design of playing cards, is a major influence in this project. The card is within itself a form of duality which is made for the two sides of the players to see the ‘right’ form of the shape. There is certain interest in balance, colors, body, gaze, gravity force, directions, and shapes.