Nadja Kurz

Factory of Strong Emotions

17.05. – 27.05.18

In her artistic practice Nadja Kurz primarily deals with materialities, whether of bodies, formless blubbering or active objects - everything that somehow steps over the edges is welcome. In this sense, her Factory neither expresses standardised feelings nor bodies, but rather those that exaggerate, fathom and undermine normed sensations and traditional gender ideals. It is precisely in this transgression that its political potential lies, challenged by a selection of different media with which exactly that which usually remains in the invisible is placed on the platter. The Factory of Strong Emotions works hard on feelings, bodies, images, materials, sound - and whoever crosses the threshold of the factory gates won't come out so quickly...

Nadja Kurz studied Fine Arts at the HfBK Dresden in the class of Wilhelm Mundt until 2017. She lives and works in Dresden and Berlin, founded the off-space Golfplatz together with Marten Schech in 2016 and is part of the music/noise projects Short&Pregnant, Flaccid Knob and Der Vernichter 2000.

We would like thank the Freundeskreis der HFBK Dresden, Café OHA and Netzwerk Kreativ for supporting the exhibition.