Paul Barsch

Adern auf der Stirn

22.02. – 04.03.18

She closed her eyes.
Saw Black.
Mixed with a stinging white and blue and a hollow pressure on the back of her eyeballs.
For a blink of an eye.
Until it all turned red.
She saw the flickering warm sun beams dancing on her lids.
A warm pervasive red
that slowly spread all through her body.

A long work cycle had ended finally.
In the end she just hated everybody.
All the bullshit talks and prissy grudge.
She took a deep breath.
of this rusty summer breeze.
Turned her Reeg 2X8 on full volume
and started humming along
her favorite song

“we moon around through sallow nights
whilst starring at the bluish lights
stare at the moon
stares back at us
stares at himself
stares blank and bleak
from through the pond
a pale grimace
locked between clouds
the prototype of screens”

With her eyes still closed.
And her hands still cramped
with Adern auf der Stirn.

Paul Barsch - Adern auf der Stirn