Niels Pugholm

About Marius

05.04. – 15.04.18

Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden is proud to present the exhibition About Marius
by the Danish artist Niels Pugholm. In an installation consisting of videos, slides and texts,
Niels Pugholm explores the story of Marius and how the construction of narratives affects
the individual’s perception of a truth.

What constitutes a story? Is it a series of structures built on objective facts, or a vivid and
seductive ramble? Can we accept a story as a rumor? Or does it need witnesses to testify?
And if so, can we use a story to search for truth at all?

In the exhibition you’ll learn about Marius’ story told by different people who met him, who
heard about him and some who heard someone say something about him, all with varying
judgements and views. So what’s the deal with him? What is it ‘About Marius’?
Niels Pugholm works with different layers of storytelling that create an intimate space for
Marius’ story - a visual interpretation of so-called “Meinungsbildung”.

Niels Pugholm studied Fine Art at The Funen Art Academy in Odense, Denmark, and at the
Universidad de Complutense in Madrid, Spain, and graduated in 2013. Since then he has
received several prizes and acknowledgments for his work, including the Extract Young Art
Prize 2013
and the K.E. Jury prize.
We would like to thank the Freundeskreis der HfBK Dresden, Netzwerk Kreativ and the
Danish Arts Foundation
for supporting the exhibition.